Yesterday's plan of attack was to inspect the condition of the hives. We were unable to locate the Queen in the 1st hive? So, we'll have to order up a new Queen and hopefully she will arrive early next week. And in the 2nd hive we found its Queen and all was good.

We went into the bees at the garden to see if the queens had gotten out of their box, and were wandering the hives. We also were hoping to see eggs.

No eggs, even in the already drawn comb. Too bad. We’ll check again next week.

The East hive’s queen was wandering around the frames looking good.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the West hive’s queen. We looked carefully twice at all the frames. The queen was not in the little queen cage either. So we have ordered a new queen to get that hive queen right. We are getting a northern queen which should over-winter well. The queen hopefully will be mailed on Monday. Yes, you can get bees in the mail. The company doesn’t mail queens after Wed, because they don’t want the queen to be in the Post office over the weekend. Once the queen arrives, I’ll come back up and check again for eggs and the queen in the West hive. We could have missed the queen, and the presence of eggs would mean that we have a queen even if we don’t see it. If there is no evidence of a West hive queen, then I’ll install the new queen. I’ll let you know when the new queen arrives, and I can get up there.

On a more positive note, there is a possibility of getting more bees for the hive from someone who is interested in giving away splits. I’ll let you know how that progresses.