Bee Good Logo   Small Casa Frela Garden & Apiary, member of NYC GreenThumb community, is pleased to announce the first event of the Seed to Harvest Project, a midsummer honey harvest, will take place on Saturday July 30, 2016 from 12-4 PM at the Casa Frela Annex, 48 West 119th Street between 5th and Lenox Avenues. This event is free and open to the public.

Funding for the Seed to Harvest Series is made possible by the Citizen’s Committee For New York City 2016 Neighborhood Grant Award and generously supported by Bloomingdale’s. The renewal of the garden under the Seed to Harvest Project will provide a vibrant oasis for Harlem residents as a respite from the fast pace of daily city life.

Under the leadership of master beekeeper Gary Pelton, attendees of the July 30 Honey Harvest Workshop will learn the process of extracting honey from the hive and prepare it to be jarred. Participants will go home with a new appreciation for these hearty little workers, and a slightly sweeter tooth for that golden deliciousness they will help to process. After two bountiful honey collections in 2015, which yielded over 25 quarts of Harlem honey, we are looking forward to this upcoming harvest.

According to Pelton, Casa Frela Garden & Apiary is a great place for the bees due to it's proximity to Central and Marcus Garvey Parks, as well as the large number of street trees in the Harlem area. The bees get most of their nectar in the spring from the flowering trees, which leads to a good honey harvest in July. The garden's bees are a dynamic addition to the local ecosystem as they help flowers in the area flourish.

Casa Frela’s mission of integrating environmental action, the arts, and community ties remain strong. Upcoming workshops in vertical gardening, soap making using botanicals, and a culminating harvest celebration in October will be announced. Also, we are very proud to host the Pod “peas be seeded” for Frela, the second iteration of the piece Pod by artist Alice Momm. Pod will grow and evolve throughout its life at the Casa Frela Sculpture Garden. Pod is an invitation - to stop and rest and get to know one another. Natural seating will be provided in this enchanted work of art which integrates living plants and woven vines, including herbs and other edibles, for all beings large and small.

We look forward to continuing valued relationships with the community, local artists, and all who wish to be part of this tender garden. Please use above contact for more information, or to inquire about sponsorship and/or volunteer opportunities.