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The Neighborhood House Tour Explores Harlem’s Old Places, New Spaces on Sunday, June 14th from 11AM to 4PM. Casa Frela - Stop #10

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About the Tour

Our theme this year is Old Places, New Spaces. Since the first house tour some 25+ years ago, Harlem in general and the Mount Morris Park area in particular have seen both thoughtful new builds and the restoration of iconic neighborhood treasures. This tour will take you inside some of each − from cutting-edge contemporaries and creative updates to classic elegance that retains the glamour of a bygone era and eclectic combinations that meld bits of all the best. In short, the places and spaces that we call home.

Stop #10 on the map - Casa Frela Gallery / Lawrence Rodriguez

Located at 47 West 119th Street, between Lenox and 5th Ave.
Behind the burly Beaux-Arts door, Casa Frela exudes New Age aromas from the herbs and scented soaps, part of the eclectic array of urban artisan activities Lawrence Rodriguez loves. Frela means greetings with spiritual overtones in Yaqui, and owner Rodriguez dubbed his renovated 1885 brownstone that in honor of his Indian heritage. The landmarked house was designed by McKim, Mead and White and survived some rough years as a boarding house. Notice the elegant twisted spindles of the wrought-iron railing and the classical grace of the arched window. “The large panes go all the way up, going past the fixed glass behind the scrolled iron window guard,” says Rodriguez, which he thinks might be due to the fact that the builder working for the architects created the house for himself. Rodriguez has enthusiastically researched the history of the place, and discovered the original sale of the land to a carpenter named James C. Miller, who worked for the famous architects.

Miller paid $2,416.67 for the empty lot and stayed long enough to see his daughter married there in 1889. By the 1920s a Rabbi owned the place, reflecting the migration of prosperous Jews from the Lower East Side to the more prestigious neighborhood of Mount Morris Park. Rev. Adolph Spiegel had been born in Germany, and coincidentally, Rodriguez was living in Frankfurt, Germany when he bought the house with his husband. He says that the enormous green velvet curtains that hang in the vestibule to block drafts from the historic door were an idea borrowed from German customs of using heavy drapes as insulation.

Already by the 1930s, the row house had been converted from a middle-class single family home to a rooming house. When Rodriguez began renovating in 2005, he discovered old newspapers from the 1930s stuffed in the makeshift walls that divided small rooms. A metal sign that warned only one occupant was allowed testified to landlords’ attempts to maximize the rental income, and to the meager means of the renters crammed in the tiny cut-up spaces.
As the house stood closed and empty in the 1980s, rain poured through holes in the roof, destroying much of the interior wood, staircases and detail. So, Rodriguez opted for clean, open light spaces with a stark framing of what original elements did survive. Several handsome period fireplaces have their original glazed tiles in 1880s colors, and elaborately cast fireboxes. In the upstairs study with a marvelous open view of the back garden where Rodriguez grows hops to brew beer, the fireplace remains with all its patina — many layers of chipped paint speaking in the language of changing taste over the years. Behind the study, a grand entryway moved from the downstairs hall opens into a “period bedroom” with recreated detail and walls painted to echo the original fireplace muted yellow tiles.
Kathleen Hulser

Schedule of Events

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Schedule of Events at Casa Frela Gallery.

All events are free and open to the public unless indicated. All events begin at 12PM unless indicated.

1st The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
10th Bee Workshop - Checking the hives for mite, provide emergency food.
15th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
29th Coffee Tasting

1st Bee Workshop - inspection, add empty frames and feed the hive medicated syrup
5th The Drawing Room - Easter Weekend ($25 per class)
11th Adding a new bee hive
19th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
22nd Earth Day In the Garden

1st Bee workshop - Mite treatments, watch out for swarming, and inspect the hives.
3rd The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
17th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
23rd Buyer’s Delight

1st Bee Workshop - inspected hives,add supers and inspect for swarming
5th Correction Association of NYC Ceremony - invitation only, 6PM - 8PM
7th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
11th VOICES IV: LOUD and PROUD Opening from 6PM to 9PM
21st Drawing Class ($25 per class)

1st Bee workshop - Continue inspections and add more honey supers if needed
5th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
11th VOICES IV: LOUD and PROUD closing
18th Buyer’s Delight
19th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)

The garden is open daily from 12PM to 4PM, located at 13 West 119th Street.

VOICES IV: LOUD and PROUD is an exhibition about our voices, our people, our struggle, our communities and our unity, pride, anger, despair, love, rage, lust, pain, and happiness. VOICES celebrates the lives and stories of people of color who represent the diasporas of the LGBT community. Representing a variety of media (photography, drawing, sketching, painting, mixed media, cartoons, and graphics). The exhibit will run daily from June 11 to July 11, 2015. The official opening will occur on Thursday, June 11, 2015, from 5pm to 9 pm.

THE BEEKEEPER’S YEAR - Important tasks for 2015
January & February - Little work is required from the beekeeper, ordering package bees if needed, and provide supplements or emergency food.
March - Checking the hives for Varroa mite, provide emergency food if needed.
April - 1st comprehensive inspection, add empty frames and feed the hive medicated syrup.
May - Complete mite treatments, watch out for swarming, and inspect the hives weekly.
June - Inspect the hives weekly, add honey supers as needed, and inspect for swarming
July - Continue inspections and add more honey supers if needed.
August - Watch out for honey robbing.
September - Harvest honey crop, check for the queen, feed and medicated.
October - Watch out for honey robbing, configure the hives for winter.
November & December - Store your equipment away and no peeking in the hives.

THE DRAWING ROOM - 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, $25 per session
In the tradition of Casa Frela where art is explored. inspired and promoted, we are pleased to present our The Harlem Sunday Jazz/ Sketch Group. We invite you to spend every 1st and 3th Sunday of the month in the awe inspiring and historical Casa Frela Gallery on 119th Street. In the company of art minded New Yorkers, painters, drawers, and even non artists you will find yourself sipping on fine wine and listening to local Jazz while drawing the figure. Bring your charcoal, drawing pads, sketchpads and pen and ink and plan for an unforgettable afternoon.

In the historic Mount Morris Park, Buyer’s Delight presents a boutique experience at the renowned Casa Frela Gallery in Harlem featuring vintage mens and womens clothing, accessories, culinary delectables,handmade soaps and more. Curated by Chante Ramsey.

Njenga's koffee, a sustainable Kenyan and Regional East African Coffee Distribution Company based in New York. Their premium blended beans are locally roasted and strictly packaged with Kosher guidelines and dietary principles and presents a range of flavors from jury, citrusy, floral, herbaceous chocolate to spicy with complex early notes.

Correction Association of NYC
Since 1844, the Correctional Association has remained steadfast in its commitment to informing the public debate on prisons and has grown into a dynamic and innovative force for lasting progressive change. We were instrumental in the creation of a separate system for youth convicted of crimes in 1899; saw to the ending of corporal punishment as a matter of policy in state prisons and jails; were among the first to address the crisis of AIDS in prison in the 1980s; and helped to establish in-prison vocational, educational and substance abuse treatment programming.

A Soapening Holiday Gift Show

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Luxurious Artisan Soaps and Accessories at Affordable Prices
A Soapening Holiday Gift Show, exclusively presented at Harlem’s Casa Frela Gallery will be held on Saturday and Sunday, December 6th & 7th, 2014 from 12PM to 6PM both days. Admission is free and open to the public – refreshments will be served. The show will feature new products specifically made with holiday shoppers in mind.

Bask in your holiday shopping experience this year – enjoy tasty refreshments while leisurely browsing our collection of artisan soaps and accessories as you shop for unique, lovingly handcrafted holiday soaps and bath accessories with a look and feel that belies the price tag. Find something for everyone on your list in the relaxed ambience of Casa Fela Gallery! All attendees will be invited to enter to won a lovely gift in our free drawing.

About A Soapening:
A Soapening products are lovingly created by Casa Frela Gallery’s Director/Curator Lawrence Rodriguez and artist D. Shayne Aldrich, with all natural ingredients – no lyes, no lies! Many ingredients used in the product line were organically grown in the Walter Miller III Memorial Garden (Casa Frela gallery’s affiliated garden), then harvested and freshly blended into A Soapening’s unique formulations.

About the Garden:
The Walter Miller III Memorial Garden came to life in 2013, after the City of New York granted a swath of land to Lawrence Rodriguez to build a sculpture garden. Mr. Rodriguez and D. Shayne Aldrich, along with artists and neighborhood residents, rallied to convert the eyesore into a living, breathing green space for visitors to nurture and enjoy. In 2013, 75,000 bees became the garden’s newest residents, pollinating to their heart’s content. The garden is expecting its first harvest of honey in 2015.

This weekend show is a wonderful gift celebration, drawing in hundreds of visitors who can happily complete their holiday shopping early. It gives us great pleasure to invite the public to enjoy this holiday shopping experience at a leisurely pace while finding quality merchandise and unique one-of-a-kind gifts.

Let your holidays begin at A Soapening ~ exclusively at Casa Frela Gallery

Harlem Roots by Michele Brody

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Harlem Roots by Michele Brody review by Sculpture Magazine
Harlem Roots has been reviewed in Sculpture Magazine
CLICK HERE to see a copy by Jonathan Goodman.
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NYT 36 Hours Book Cover The New York Times has recommended Casa Frela Gallery as a must see destination featured in the up coming book, "The New York Times, 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada".
Coming to stores this fall from TASCHEN. www.taschen.com
Nakia Henry Video "Transition"
Partially shot in the basement of The Casa Frela Gallery.
Cindy Lauper and Lawrence NYC 2011.
Cindy Lauper and Lawrence in NYC 2011.
Q&A with Lawrence Rodriguez, Founder of The Casa Frela Gallery
MORNINGSIDER August 25, 2011
"As part of our Q&A series, Morningsider brings you exclusive interviews with neighborhood “Insiders.” This week, we interview Lawrence Rodriguez, founder of Harlem’s Casa Frela Gallery."
Read it on the MORNINGSIDER blog


Art of the city
Harlem is alive with creativity
Posted: 11:35 PM, August 9, 2011
Read it in the New York Post, Page 45

Mi Casa, Su Galería: Brownstoner Showcases Harlem Artists
Oct 13th, 2010
By Gianna Palmer
The Uptowner
Watch the Video from The Uptowner

Harlem opens its doors to local artists
Students looking to gallery-hop don't always need to go all the way to Chelsea.
October 11, 2010
By Megan Maquera
Columbia Spectator
"If Chelsea is the grand dame of the New York art scene, then Harlem is the up-and-coming ingénue. Harlem’s emerging artists and old favorites create an art community that is fresh and less cutthroat than the downtown scene."
READ MORE at the Columbia Spectator...


Visit with the artists: Harlem Art Walking Tour 2010
October 3, 2010
by James Horner
Manhattan Fine Arts Examiner
"The Harlem Art Walking Tour 2010 starts off with an opening reception at Casa Frela Gallery on Friday October 8, at 8:00 p.m. You'll be able to check out the artists' work who will be on the tour and you'll want to visit. The tour is Saturday and Sunday. You'll be able to meet over 60 artists in their studios and at galleries and museums around Harlem. "
READ MORE at the Examiner...


Strivers Row Artists Hosting Second Harlem Art Walk
September 28, 2010 6:28
By Jon Schuppe
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
"The Strivers Art Circuit joined the Harlem Art Walking Tour to keep visitors coming to upper Manhattan's art galleries"
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Scan 6.jpeg Shukan New York Seikatsu 2010 p.26, Featuring artist Tomoko Amaki Abe.


DNAinfo.com, September 1, 2010
DNAinfo.com, September 1, 2010
"Harlem Gallery Tour Tries to Lure Art Lovers Uptown"
Click the photo to read the article and see the slideshow!!

NYJapan Newspaper, Aug 27, 2010
NYJapan Newspaper, Aug 27, 2010

An Article appearing in the NYJapan Newspaper regarding the Einstein, Ephemera & Crank Show which opened July 31, 2010 at the Casa Frela Gallery.

"Forget the beaches, trolley tour allows art lovers to do the Harlem shuffle"
BY Nicole Hardesty
Special to the News
Tuesday, August 10th 2010, 11:14 AM
One of the first stops was Casa Frela Gallery, housed in a brownstone at 47 W. 119th St.
"I don't know if any of you have seen Beyoncé's video, "If I Were a Boy," but this is the
brownstone where that was filmed," Reddick said.
READ MORE at the Daily News...


The New York Times Friday, Aug 6, 2010 p. c29
The New York Times Friday, Aug 6, 2010 p. c29
The "Art Crawl Harlem" event is a popular trolley bus tour of historic Harlem featuring local artists and Galleries. The Casa Frela Gallery participated in this event on August 7th & 8th, 2010.
Click on the photo to read the article.

119th Street -2010
119th Street -2010

This article regarding the "Coming Out" activities at Casa Frela Gallery appeared in the New York Times Weekend Arts edition, Friday, June 11, 2010 p. c32.
Click on the photo to read the article.

A letter dated June 26, 2010 from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg welcoming all those attending the First Annual Harlem Pride Day Celebration!
The African and Modem Art Fundraiser was held at Casa Frela Gallery on 02/11/2010.
Click here to view the Fox 5 News NY video of the event.


Beyonce films video "If I Were a Boy" at Casa Frela Gallery.
Click here to view the Music Video.


Disabled artist defies the odds:
NEW YORK (WABC) — Seldom in life do you come across people who clearly were meant to cross paths. Well, Carl Thelemaque and Haile King Rubie are such people. Canvases are their common road.

"When he's on it and you leave him alone, he's on it," Thelemaque said. "He's like, 'This is it, this is what I'm doing, I'm doing this."

Themeaquie is the teacher and Rubie the student, although Carl prefers to call Haile his equal. And it means the world to the 18-year-old.

Haile has down syndrome and often functions on the level of a 10-year-old. But surrounded by vibrant oranges and blues, age is just a number.

Haile has created a world of art with no formal training. The two spend hours together painting, and the hard work has paid off. Haile's pieces are now featured in an exhibit at St. Mark's Untied
Methodist Church in Harlem. Others have appeared in galleries and sold for up to $1,200 dollars.

"I can't explain where his talent comes from, his inspiration," gallery owner Lawrence Rodriguez said. "But it has come together in a really good package."

One art showing is extra special. Just three months ago, a team of doctors Mount Sinai performed open heart surgery on Haile. Now, he's back to thank them.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart," he told the doctors before donating three of his works. They will hang in the pediatric intensive care unit. He says he wants to be an artist when he grows up. But the simple fact is, he is already there.

Art Exhibit Chronicling Amadou Diallo's Life On Display In Harlem The exhibit, now open at the Casa Frela Gallery, aims to honor Diallo's life, seven years after he was shot and killed by police.

Click here to view the video.

"The show is about love and about hope that this won't happen again and that another mother will not have to weep over her son," says gallery owner Lawrence Rodriguez.

"His name is part of history, part of Africa, part of being in this country as an immigrant," says photographer Jim Carroll. "It signifies people who want to make things better for their life in this country."

A portion of the profits from the art show will be given to the Amadou Diallo Foundation for Education.